Fashion outlet Otrium joins Fur Free Retailer!

25 August 2021 – Online fashion outlet Otrium has joined Fur Free Retailer! The famous online platform has made an explicit statement against the use of fur in fashion with its fur-free policy. Otrium works with major international fur-free partners such as Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein and Vans.

The Dutch company was founded in 2015 and gives fashion a new start at the end of the season. This is smarter for the wardrobe, wallet and industry. In fashion, many items remain unsold. Otrium is changing that by equipping designer brands with technology so that consumers can ultimately easily find fashion from previous collections and they can be sure that every piece of clothing is worn.

Marlot Kiveron, Sustainability Lead at Otrium:

“Becoming fur-free is one of the first small steps for Otrium on a journey, with the aim of having a positive impact on the fashion industry.”

The offer on the platform does not change, because no fur is currently offered by Otrium. However, having this accreditation makes the position official for partners and customers.

Fashion outlet Otrium joins Fur Free Retailer!

Campaign leader Moranni te Winkel, Bont voor Dieren Foundation:

“We are very happy that Otrium is on the Fur Free list. It is important that brands that are still involved in the cruel fur industry realize that fur is no longer welcome. Thanks to Otrium this message is spread and we are grateful for that in our fight against the fur industry.”

Otrium joins more than 1500 companies that now participate in the international Fur Free Retailer program. Bont voor Dieren is partly responsible for this program. Earlier this year, brands like adidas, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen also signed up to a fur-free policy. More major brands and retail chains have recently decided to produce more ethically. For example, Canada Goose, Moose Knuckles, Valentino, Neiman Marcus and Holt Renfrew recently decided to stop using fur.

The voice of the consumer is becoming increasingly important in these fur-free choices. Bont voor Dieren continues to fight for a fur-free Netherlands.

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