Ed Hardy China joins Fur Free Retailer

SHANGHAI — Luxury fashion brand Ed Hardy China has joined the Fur Free Retailer scheme, committing to go fur free in China, the world’s biggest producer and consumer of animal fur products.

The Chinese branch of Ed Hardy pledged to ban animal fur after working with ACTAsia and will be entirely fur-free starting its 2025 Spring/Summer collection. Ed Hardy China’s new policy will cover 89 physical stores in 44 Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, and online stores on several platforms, including Tmall, WeChat mini programme, JD, and Xiaohongshu.

Zhou Cheng, Director of Ed Hardy China, said:

“Ed Hardy, founded 20 years ago, attaches great importance to the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, and is committed to the sustainable development of the enterprise and actively undertake social responsibility. The FFR Scheme advocates for providing more compassionate choices to consumers to promote sustainable fashion and the protection of the environment and animals. This is very much in line with Ed Hardy’s environmental philosophy. We hope to raise awareness of sustainable development among companies and consumers, and lead the way to a Fur Free, sustainable fashion future!”

There are now 93 Fur Free Retailer brands in China, and more than 1,500 retailers have joined the international scheme to date.


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