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It is exciting to see more and more fashion brands caring about animals and embracing a fur free policy. Companies no longer wish to be associated with the animal cruelty of the fur industry. The industry’s shift towards fur free fashion coincides with a dramatic increase in consumers’ social concerns. People are no longer OK with wild animals languishing in steel leg-hold traps for days or living their entire lives in a small fur factory farm cage, resulting in constant fear, insanity, self-mutilation and a horrific death.

The shift toward animal-friendly products and practices will only get stronger. Brands and retailers meeting the demand for cruelty-free products will drive innovation and sales like never before. So, not only is it nicer to animals and better for the environment, dropping fur makes good business sense as well.

Our program takes care of communicating your company’s ethical business choices to the millions of consumers who care about animals. Read more about committing to a fur-free policy in our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Fur Free Retailer program recognizes the ISO 26000:2010 Guidelines to Corporate Social Responsibility as an example of sectoral initiatives.

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