Fur Free Retailer

It is exciting to see more and more companies caring about animals and deciding to adopt a fur free policy. And you’re savvy enough to know that this is not just about being kind to animals. Sustainable and ethical companies are attracting costumers like never before. So joining the Fur Free Retailer program is not only nicer to animals, it is better for the environment and makes good business sense!

Our program takes care of communicating your company’s ethical business choices to the millions of consumers who care about animals. Are you interested in a fur free policy and want to learn more about fur? Find out more about the cruel reality of the fur industry and the urgent need for more companies to go fur free.

What does it mean in practice to go join the Fur Free Retailer program? Companies are simply asked to commit in writing to not sell any real animal fur or fur trim items by signing the Retailer Statement of Assurance. Read more about a fur free policy in our FAQ.

This program is supported and endorsed by the Fur Free Alliance, an international coalition of leading animal and environmental protection organizations that represent millions of supporters worldwide.

Interested to learn more about a fur free policy and run your business with more compassion? Fill out our contact form and make the first step to becoming a Fur Free Retailer!



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